Hello Houseplants

I would say my houseplant obsession started just over a year ago with the purchase of one little peace lily. Since then my love of all things plant has bloomed and one of the things I have found the hardest is picking plants that are easy to look after. So I thought I would share the plants I currently own (and have successfully kept alive) to give you some plantspiration.


My first plant and where it all began. When I bought this lil guy it had a few flowers but it seems to have stopped flowering now.

Super easy to care for as they don’t need watering until they start to droop a bit. They like humid environments so the peace lily thrives in bathrooms, but I keep mine in my room and just spray it with a plant mister every other day. I picked up a second, larger peace lily for my living room as well.

img_5706-1-e1569781204453.jpgTRADESCANTIA ‘SITARA’

This one I happened across when I was browsing Patch. The purple leaves were too beautiful to resist! Patch is a company based in London and Paris which will deliver plants to your door. They have quickly become my go to for my new green pals.

This plant is described as liking ‘a bright spot not in direct sunlight’ and mine has flourished in the time I have had it. I have been watering once a week and so far so good.



This features in my room revamp post. Snake plants are notoriously easy and when I saw this in the supermarket with this beautiful pot I couldn’t say no!

Picking a pot is almost as exciting as picking a plant but they tend to also be the expensive bit. Supermarkets are great because you get plant and pot for not much more than the plant would cost on its own. Also the plant fits perfectly in the pot – which is not always easy to find.

img_5712.jpgCLASSIC CACTUS

What plant collection is complete without a cactus or two? This one was a gift but they’re easy enough to find – I found one in urban outfitters the other day!

Cactus’s are a common choice because they are (almost) impossible to kill, given that they traditionally live in a desert and go without water for a long time, so no worries if you forget to water this spiky guy.



Patch have helpfully categorised all their plants so if you’re looking for a little greenery for a certain spot you can pick something that will survive and thrive. So when I was looking for a new plant to fill an empty pot for this little window spot I quickly found the right thing for the space.

Aloe Vera has been approved by NASA as one of the best air-purifiers to help remove pollutants from the air, and living in London I cannot get enough air purifying plants.



Ok so this is maybe not an easy plant (I don’t know I’ve had it for less than 48hrs) but ever since I moved in I have wanted a trailing plant to go on top of my wardrobe and so I finally gave in.

I also had my eye on this pot for ages but it had been out of stock until recently, I think the grey-green tones are so lovely.

I can’t wait to see this one grow!



Another gift, I have no idea what sort of plant this is. I have tried extensive googling and I am still none the wiser, but it seems to be an easy one.

It is growing happily without me giving it much attention and just keeping an eye to make sure its watered. One thing I have noticed is this guy has a tendency to get dusty so I have to clean the leaves every so often to keep it looking at its best.

img_5785.jpgPLANT CARE

First essentials for looking after your new plant children are a watering can and a plant mister. I picked up this mister from ASOS and it’s pretty enough to live on a surface rather than in a cupboard. I find it’s much easier to remember to look after a plant if you keep watering implements close to hand.

When deciding if your plant is thirsty enough to have a drink, stick your finger into the soil and if it comes out clean your pal needs some attention. Another clue is wilting leaves.

The other thing I have learnt is the importance of proper drainage. If you’re going to take your plant out of the plastic pot that you brought it in, make sure to put some gravel/stones at the bottom of your pot before adding soil to allow water to drain out and to avoid root rot.

Who else has a plant obsession (please say it isn’t just me)? If like me you’re a houseplant hoarder why not follow my plantstagram for all things green – @plantlover.lottie


Peace lily’s pot 

Tradescantia ‘Sitara’

Tradescantia ‘sitara’ pot

Aloe Vera

Satin Pothos

Satin Pothos Pot (Mint)


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