20 Resolutions for 2020: An update

At the start of 2020 I very optimistically set myself 20 New Years resolutions, and as we enter the final month of this unprecedented year I thought what better time to look back and see if I actually achieved any!

  1. My first resolution was to cook more meals from scratch and cut down on buying pre-made food (ready meals especially!). I would say this one was relatively successful. Though I still buy the odd ready meal I am much better at cooking from scratch and I definitely have cut down on the number of takeaways I’ve been having.
  2. Number two was to be more consistent with exercise – I always make the excuse that I am too busy but I enjoy exercising and should make the time for it. This one was tricky as the UK went into lockdown on March 23 and is still seeing closures of gyms and sports facilities. When gyms were open I was consistent in going so I am going to call this a win.
  3. My aim to finish a book at least every 2 months I kind of met. So far this year I have read 11 books and I am quite proud of that considering I only read three in 2019
  4. So the fourth was to save money… lets call this one a work in progress…
  5. Number five was to cut down meat consumption. I have been more successful with this towards the later part of this year but this one is also a win.
  6. Creating more sustainable shopping habits – like buying second hand where possible – didn’t happen.
  7. Getting back into swimming was sadly not possible because of lockdowns meaning the pools were shut.
  8. I didn’t get to go on holiday somewhere hot for a week of proper relaxation because of travel restrictions due to coronavirus. One for next year though!
  9. I definitely did not blog more consistently. In fact this is the first post I have written since I don’t know when.
  10. Definitely succeeded in not drinking to excess. Mainly because I have hardly drunk alcohol this year. Although it did make for a messy day after when I did drink that one time… best not dwell on that too long.
  11. Not only did I get a good grade in the last module of my Marketing course, I got an overall distinction which I am really proud of!
  12. Number 12 was to be kinder to people and let the annoyance go. Seeing as how I haven’t really seen anyone this year due to lockdown this one can probably be called a success.
  13. My aim to be more focused is still a work in progress.
  14. I was doing quite well at sticking with regular yoga practice but then I slipped a disk in my back and I am too scared to go back to it…
  15. Apart from a couple of casualties over a heatwave my plants are alive and thriving.
  16. Making healthier food choices when eating out has been challenging as we haven’t been able to eat out that much this year because (and I might have already mentioned this) lockdown meant everywhere was shut.
  17. Again getting my hair done more than once has been tricky as the hairdressers has been closed for most of the year but I think I have actually succeeded on this one as I have had my hair done twice!
  18. I’m still working on this one… I am better at talking about things that are bothering me but I do still internalising and play them down a lot
  19. I managed to go to bed earlier to start with and then it sort of went out the window.
  20. By my count I have stuck to 6 maybe 7 of these 20 goals and resolutions so my aim to stick to 10 has been a failure although I think we can blame a pandemic and unprecedented times for that more than me.

Have you stuck to your resolutions?

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