It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s December – and you know what that means? Its decorating time!

Since this will be the first Christmas in our flat, we had no decorations. On the one hand it’s a fresh slate to decorate how we want, on the other hand we have to buy things. So I have put my bargain hunting hat on and thought I would share how we decorated our home for under £40*.

Living room

IMG_7012This tree is great, especially if you have limited space. There is still plenty of tree to hang decorations on and drape lights around. As our living room is predominantly blue and cream we decided on a blue and silver theme for the tree. Primark had these great little silver and blue present decorations and we picked up a pack of 10 silver baubles from Tiger which helps fill the empty spaces. To add in a bit of variety we picked up three larger baubles from Neon Sheep as well.

In the hallway we have blue and silver Primark tinsel and fairy lights from Tiger – we would have bought them from Primark but they were out of stock.

We also picked up a Merry Christmas banner and a wreath for the table. If like me you have a plant obsession Poinsettia’s are great festive plants and are in most supermarkets at the moment. I picked up a ‘festive’ poinsettia which has had some glitter sprayed on it.


If like me you cannot resist and the Christmas decorating needs to spill over into every area of the house, Primark do some great festive bedding and cushions. Here are some of my personal favourites:

Have you decorated your home yet?

Items featured
Christmas tree – Tiger £15
Silver baubles– Tiger £2
Present baubles – Primark £3
Tinsel – Primark £1
Fairy lights– Tiger £1.50
Merry Christmas bunting banner – Neon Sheep £3
Baubles – Neon sheep – 3 for £4
Wreath – Tesco £5
Poinsettia – £5
Fairisle throw– Primark £18
Check throw – Primark £18
Duvet cover– Primark £11

*When I say £40 I haven’t included the bedroom stuff.


Room revamp on a budget

I am one of those people that gets bored with my surroundings almost monthly – I love to change things up and revamp my bedroom. However completely changing the style of a room is expensive, so I have a few go to things that always make my room feel like new again.


VdfPoNqESWGmRFg0hCU+8QNothing makes a room feel more fresh than a new green friend in the corner, or if you already have a few too many plants try repotting them. ASOS & H&M have some great little planters and they aren’t too expensive. A cheap way to buy a new plant is to get it from a super market as they often come with the pot included – and that’s normally the bit where I end up spending the most money – like this cute snake plant I picked up from Waitrose.

I also move the plants I already have around which has the affect of making the room feel a bit different.


Seems like a weird one but bare with me. Take all the things of your shelves and rearrange them. Find new places for things, maybe put your books in colour order or stack them in a new place. I don’t have a lot of books on my shelves – I don’t read particularly often – so mine have candles, jewellery boxes and picture frames on them. Switching these around is a super easy way to have a bit of a change without spending any money.


IMG_3654I love seeing how other people style their homes and I can hardly scroll through instagram without seeing prints from Desenio – is there a single influencer who hasn’t got a gallery wall in every room? So naturally whenever I am feeling like my room needs a bit of a spruce up my first thought is posters or prints – but that gets expensive real fast,  most prints are upwards of £10 and if you want a few then you get frames etc. its too much. Then I remembered Etsy. I found a great poster shop called The Poster Studio UK where you can get an A3 print for £7. Then I got the frames from Amazon and voila, way cheaper than the instagram brand of choice and just as stylish.

Better yet – design and print your own! If you have a bit of creative flair you could use use a combination of apps or if you’ve already seen something you like – for me I fancied a picture of the sea – just do a quick google.




I love a book with a beautiful instagram-able cover but I can’t fork out £15 every time I see a pretty book. Instead I get a magazine pack of 2, on this occasion I picked up Elle and  Bazaar. Also for all you instagrammers out there, perfect if you want to add elements to a flatlay.

Mainly I think these look cute on tables and add a bit of colour.



This seems like an obvious one, grab a box (or a bin bag depending on how ruthless you’re feeling) and start putting stuff away. Clear surfaces are bound to make you feel more relaxed and make your room feel fresh.


Facetune_25-08-2019-20-42-20They have loads of great home-wear for dirt cheap, I picked up a super cute bedding set for £12. Easy way to make a room feel new is by switching up the colour scheme and in a bedroom the biggest source of colour is normally the bedding. Get some new cushions or a new throw in a different colour, it makes your bed feel brand new.

So there you have it. My favourite ways to revamp my room on a budget. What are your go to ways to make a room feel like new?