5 Netflix documentary series you need to watch

Stuck for what to watch next? Well look no further! I’ve put together a list of my favourite Netflix original documentary series to give you some inspiration…

The Pharmasist

February 2020

A true crime documentary series, The Pharmacist relates the efforts of Dan Schneider, a small-town pharmacist in Poydras, Louisiana, to identify his son’s killer and how this led to his gathering evidence against a prolific “pill mill” doctor in New Orleans.

source: Netflix

The Pharmacist begins by recounting the tragic death of Dan Schneider’s son, Daniel Schneider, Jr. Only 22 years old at the time, Danny Jr. was fatally shot while attempting to secure crack cocaine in New Orleans. In the series’ first episode, we see Schneider eventually take his son’s murder investigation into his own hands, fed up with the slow-pace of a police investigation without any credible leads.

With his eyes opened to the drug problem in his community Schneider soon starts to notice how many opioid prescriptions are being abused in his town and in his quest to prevent anyone suffering the same fate as his soon he decides to do something about it! 

A compelling watch from start to finish! I was so invested in The Pharmacist and his quest for justice.

Dark Tourist

July 2018

A travel documentary with a twist. In Dark Tourist New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier tours the globe visiting unusual and often macabre destinations.

“Tourism” as you know it is redefined as David Farrier sets his sights on the world of dark tourism. From nuclear tourism in Japan to Pablo Escobar-inspired tourism in Columbia, David visits the world’s grisly and offbeat destinations, meeting travellers drawn to them, and the people telling these stories day after day.

Over the course of 8 episodes David visits a range of weird and wonderful destinations including Latin America to meet the followers of Santa Muerte,  Milwaukee to learn about Jeffrey Dahmer, and to Cyprus, where he tries to sneak in to Famagusta, a walled off ghost city.

A marvellous dose of escapism about the phenomenon of dark tourism. I know I won’t ever be visiting any of these places in real life so this series is the perfect way to explore them and learn more about the people who are linked to them.

Source: Netflix

How to fix a drug scandal

April 2020

In 2013, Massachusetts State Police arrested 35-year-old crime drug lab chemist Sonja Farak for tampering with evidence: and that was only the beginning. Over time, details emerged that Farak had been in fact using the drugs that she was tasked with testing.

Source: Netflix

In How to fix a drug scandal, Erin Lee Carr follows the ripple effects of two state chemists whose faulty drug tests left more than 20,000 defendants in legal limbo. The actions of the two women, crime drug lab chemists Sonja Farak and Annie Dookhan, resulted in tens of thousands of drug counts being dismissed, the largest single mass dismissal of criminal cases in U.S. history. Dookhan and Farak didn’t know each other, and worked at opposite ends of the state, but their actions exposed how badly the system designed to streamline the “war on drugs” was being neglected.

With first-person interviews from criminal defense lawyers who fought to secure release for clients convicted with faulty evidence, state prosecutors, journalists and members of Farak’s family the series also explores the state attorney general office’s efforts to downplay the scandal in order to limit the number of convictions that would be called into question.

Another true crime series that is a fascinating watch!


January 2018 – October 2019

As local farming fades due to profit margins deciding what food makes it to our plates. The Rotten exposes the ‘true crimes’ of today’s global food industry.

Series one explores six different areas of the food industry with series two going on to explore six more. Each episode does a deep dive including interviews with manufacturers, distributors, and others.

Exploring issues such as the alarming prevalence of fraudulent seafood in the United States and the strong-arming practices of Big Garlic (yes you read that correctly… Big Garlic). The overall arc of every episode will make you question the stuff you put in your mouth, every day. It’s certainly not one to watch while you’re eating…

Source: Netflix

Ugly Delicious

February 2018

Combining travel, cooking, and history, Ugly Delicious highlights one dish or concept per episode, and explores how it is made in different regions and how it has evolved.

Hosted by American restaurateur, author, and television personality David Chang, this series examines the cultural, sociological, and culinary history of a specific popular food per episode. From Pizza and Tacos to BBQ and home cooking, Ugly Delicious will make you crave all the food!

Chang has a range of guests join him on his journey to explore all things food, from Parks and Recreation actor Aziz Ansari to American food and music critic Jonathan Gold.

Have you seen any of these, what did you think of them? If you have any recommendations for must watch docu-series let me know in the comments!

Ultimate Girly Gift Guide with Coconut Lane

Struggling with what to get your best gal pals for Christmas? Maybe you need a little something extra for your girlfriend and you just don’t know what to get her? Well fret no more! Here is a round up of some of my favourite bits from Coconut Lane. They have got gifts to suit every budget and loads of choice so you can find something she’ll really like (and don’t forget to use the code LOTTIES20 for 20% off everything on their website)!

For the Devoted Dog Mum

Photo from Coconut-Lane.com

Not only is there a whole section on the website for dog mums but Coconut Lane also have a whole brand, Coco Pup UK, dedicated to doggos!

How cute is this personalised phone case? There are 47 breeds and colourings to choose from so the chances of finding her favourite breed is pretty likely! It’s available for iPhone and Samsung models and is £19.

You can also make it even more personal with the love heart dog phone case where you choose the breed and can add the dog’s name as well – I might have to get one of these for myself! This one is also £19.

For the Houseplant Hoarder

Photo by a blog by lottie

There’s plenty of plant inspired prints to pick from (try saying that five times fast!) for your houseplant obsessed gal pal.

Now she can take the jungle vibe with her everywhere she goes with the macbook skin and matching phone case.

I for one love the wireless charger, it keeps my bedside table looking cute and means I can charge my phone easily without reaching around in the dark for cables to plug in! It comes in loads of cute patterns as well so this one isn’t just perfect for the plant obsessed!

Macbook skin – £16.50
Phone case – £14
Wireless charger – £26

For the girl Hooked on Homewear

Image from Coconut-Lane.com

Coconut Lane have teamed up with Flamingo candles to bring us a collection of candles in various styles and smells.

Each candle has a burn time of 45 hours, is hand poured in the UK using natural soy wax and they are priced at £16 each. With nine styles to choose from you are sure to find one she’ll like.

For the Girl on the Go

Photo by a blog by lottie

Does she always have a hair tie or 3 on her wrist? Then this is the gift for her!

These velvet scrunchies are perfect for keeping hair tied back and looking cute at the same time. I personally have several of these and I use them almost every day.

At £5 each these are a great little stocking filler. Or you can bundle and save – £12 for 3 or £20 for 6 – maybe treat yourself to one while you’re at it…

I hope this has given you some helpful ideas and maybe even enabled you to tick a couple of people of the gift list! Perhaps it has even inspired you to treat yourself (it will be our little secret don’t you worry). Let me know in the comments if you get anything, and again don’t forget to use my discount code for 20% off (LOTTIES20)

20 Resolutions for 2020: An update

At the start of 2020 I very optimistically set myself 20 New Years resolutions, and as we enter the final month of this unprecedented year I thought what better time to look back and see if I actually achieved any!

  1. My first resolution was to cook more meals from scratch and cut down on buying pre-made food (ready meals especially!). I would say this one was relatively successful. Though I still buy the odd ready meal I am much better at cooking from scratch and I definitely have cut down on the number of takeaways I’ve been having.
  2. Number two was to be more consistent with exercise – I always make the excuse that I am too busy but I enjoy exercising and should make the time for it. This one was tricky as the UK went into lockdown on March 23 and is still seeing closures of gyms and sports facilities. When gyms were open I was consistent in going so I am going to call this a win.
  3. My aim to finish a book at least every 2 months I kind of met. So far this year I have read 11 books and I am quite proud of that considering I only read three in 2019
  4. So the fourth was to save money… lets call this one a work in progress…
  5. Number five was to cut down meat consumption. I have been more successful with this towards the later part of this year but this one is also a win.
  6. Creating more sustainable shopping habits – like buying second hand where possible – didn’t happen.
  7. Getting back into swimming was sadly not possible because of lockdowns meaning the pools were shut.
  8. I didn’t get to go on holiday somewhere hot for a week of proper relaxation because of travel restrictions due to coronavirus. One for next year though!
  9. I definitely did not blog more consistently. In fact this is the first post I have written since I don’t know when.
  10. Definitely succeeded in not drinking to excess. Mainly because I have hardly drunk alcohol this year. Although it did make for a messy day after when I did drink that one time… best not dwell on that too long.
  11. Not only did I get a good grade in the last module of my Marketing course, I got an overall distinction which I am really proud of!
  12. Number 12 was to be kinder to people and let the annoyance go. Seeing as how I haven’t really seen anyone this year due to lockdown this one can probably be called a success.
  13. My aim to be more focused is still a work in progress.
  14. I was doing quite well at sticking with regular yoga practice but then I slipped a disk in my back and I am too scared to go back to it…
  15. Apart from a couple of casualties over a heatwave my plants are alive and thriving.
  16. Making healthier food choices when eating out has been challenging as we haven’t been able to eat out that much this year because (and I might have already mentioned this) lockdown meant everywhere was shut.
  17. Again getting my hair done more than once has been tricky as the hairdressers has been closed for most of the year but I think I have actually succeeded on this one as I have had my hair done twice!
  18. I’m still working on this one… I am better at talking about things that are bothering me but I do still internalising and play them down a lot
  19. I managed to go to bed earlier to start with and then it sort of went out the window.
  20. By my count I have stuck to 6 maybe 7 of these 20 goals and resolutions so my aim to stick to 10 has been a failure although I think we can blame a pandemic and unprecedented times for that more than me.

Have you stuck to your resolutions?

What I read in 2020

One of my resolutions for 2020 was to read more, I set myself a goal of 10 books over the year and I have succeeded! So here is a round up of everything I read.

20 resolutions for 2020

New year, new decade, new goals! Here are my 20 resolutions for 2020.

Travel tips: Packing made easy

Heading on holiday? Packing can be stressful, particularly if like me you have a tendency to overpack. Not to mention the struggle of getting it to all fit back in your suitcase for the return trip! Here are a few life hacks that I use to make packing that little bit easier.

Plan your wardrobe

Smart closetThis is the easiest way to avoid over or under packing. Instead of picking random items out of your wardrobe try to pack outfits instead. This will save you from feeling like you have nothing to wear when you get to where your going! To plan my outfits I like to use the Smart Closet app. Although it takes a while to upload your wardrobe it is so worth it to be able to browse your clothes directly from your phone. You can even create a packing list for your holiday so that when it comes to transferring clothes to suitcase you don’t miss anything!

Keep it organised

Packing cubesWant to maximise your space and keep everything organised, packing cubes are your friend! These are an essential if you are going to make multiple stops as it saves you having to unpack and repack as you can just leave everything in the cubes. You can get them in loads of different sizes and colours, personally I wanted something that looked a bit more stylish so shopped around and found these from Nordace. Not only do they look super cute but they are also compression cubes so they shrink down making them even more space efficient.

Accessorise with ease

f35dbb12-7b93-48e3-bfe5-20c658decb94One of my biggest bugbears when travelling is tangled jewellery. I used to spend hours de-tangling my necklaces but my Stackers jewellery box has been a major game changer! You can get a variety of sizes but I find the medium one is perfect for me. Not only does it keep everything organised for the journey, its also a great way to keep everything organised while you’re on your trip and minimise the chances of a misplaced necklace or a lost earring.

What do you use to make your life easier when it comes to holiday packing?


Top tips: Working from home

Here are a few of the ways I am making the most of working from home and trying to keep on top of my wellbeing.

Top tips for gym newbies

It’s 2018! New year and time for New Years resolutions, here are my top tips for sticking to your “get healthy and go to the gym” resolution.

Top tips: Working from home

1. Create a proper work space


While working from bed can seem tempting, it’s a sure fire way to end up with cabin fever. Creating a separate work space – ideally somewhere you can shut off once you’re done for the day – will help you get into work mode and help you separate it from your down time.

2. Get active on your lunch break


So there are two parts to this. Firstly always take your lunch break, its important to take regular breaks from staring at screens. Secondly it can be hard to motivate yourself to get active when at the end of the day the sofa is right there. Using your lunch break to go out for a walk or a run will not only give your eyes a well needed rest from screens but the fresh air will help improve productivity for the afternoon.

3. Use the time you would spend commuting doing something productive


If you aren’t used to working from home this one is particularly useful. Trying to keep to your usual routine as much as possible will make it easier to adjust to working from home (and also easier to adjust when you have to go back to the office). Read a book, go for a walk, do some yoga, clean your room – whatever you want! You’ll feel more awake and ready to start the day.

4. Set reminders to take regular breaks


It can be very easy to sit at your desk all day long which is bad for you in many ways. Set reminders on your phone or work computer every hour or so to remind you to get up and move. Do a lap of your house or have a quick stretch.

5. Keep connected


The biggest difference between working at home and working in an office is the people. It can be easy to feel isolated if you don’t make the effort to stay connected to your colleagues. Try to schedule at least one call a day with a colleague or friend.

6. Get dressed like you’re going to work


While it’s nice to be comfy and working in pj’s is very appealing, getting dressed will make you feel more productive and ready to work.

7. Have a clear end to your day


This is important as it is easy to work longer hours when there is a less clear end to your day. Having an end of day ritual will help with this. It could be going to make an afternoon snack or having a shower or even doing some exercise.



Travel tips: Packing made easy

Personally I find packing the hardest part of preparing for a holiday. So I have put together some of my top tips to make travelling as easy as possible.

Top tips for gym newbies

It’s 2018! New year and time for New Years resolutions, here are my top tips for sticking to your “get healthy and go to the gym” resolution.

Skin Care Saviours

I am definitely guilty of being lazy when it comes to taking skin care seriously. However, in order to be a proper #adult I decided to start taking better care of it. But there is so much out there to choose from, there’s toners and lotions and potions galore, so to make life easier for you here are my go to products.

For everyday cleansing

Camomile cleansing butter

The Body Shop – Camomile Cleansing Butter – £11

I picked this one up because I was intrigued by the concept of a cleansing butter and after one use I was hooked.

It’s super easy to use, and it leaves my skin feeling really soft. Although, it isn’t the best at removing eye make up.

I really like cleansers that can be applied to a dry face as it speeds up the process. I am much less likely to properly clean my face if I have to wait for the tap to run warm before I even start the cleaning process.

Camomile make up remover

The Body Shop – Camomile Eye Make-up Remover – £7.50

When I picked up the cleansing butter I decided to try the eye make up remover as well and it did not disappoint.

I wasn’t sure if I would like this one but they sell a mini version of it as part of a gift set with the cleansing butter. Mini’s are a great way to try new products without spending loads of money. The number of times I have bought a product that has been super hyped up only to use it 3 times and forget about it.

When I finish my mini bottle I will definitely be going back for a big one!

Micellar water

Simple – Micellar Cleansing Water – £3.49

If I can’t be bothered to do a proper clean with the butter then I’ll use micellar water, I also have a mini version to take with me when I go on trips.

Micellar water is great for giving your skin a good cleanse when you haven’t got water to hand. I will tend to use this after using a make up wipe to try and get as clean as possible. Also because I often feel like wipes don’t take all the makeup off, using micellar water gets the last bits off.

For the super deep clean

Himalayan charcoal clay wash

The Body Shop – Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Clay Wash – £10

When I’m in the shower I’ll do a proper deep clean using this face wash.

I particularly like this one as it contains tea-tree which helps with break outs. It also doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry at all, which some deep cleansers do. It unclogs pores which I think is really important to properly get rid of all the pollution and grime your face picks up during the day.

And, as if that isn’t enough, it smells amazing!


Seaweed exfoliator

The Body Shop – Seaweed Exfoliator – £11

Once I’ve cleansed its time to exfoliate. There’s just something about an exfoliator that leaves skin feeling super smooth that I just love.

I have sensitive skin so I need an exfoliator that isn’t too harsh and this one is perfect.

For the break outs

All things Tea-Tree

I use the Skin Clearing Clay Mask once a week, twice if I’m having a particularly bad skin week (Mother Nature I’m looking at you). Every night I use the Night Lotion on areas that are particularly prone to breaking out. I find if I use it all over it just makes the problem worse. Then to finish off I use the Targeted Spot Gel. Does what it says on the tin really, it reduces spots overnight. I’ll use this twice a day on spots until they disappear, which is normally one or two days.

So there you have it, the lazy girls guide to skin care. What are your go to skin care saviours?


Ways to up your nail game

If my nails don’t have polish on I do not feel complete! Here are my 6 top tips for making your nails look their best.

Drugstore Makeup Haul

A little review of the make up I’ve collected over the last month. I say little….I may have quite a bit to share!

Ways to up your nail game

Anyone else like having their nails done but also not a fan of paying someone to do it for you? If my nails don’t have polish on I do not feel complete! Here are some of my top tips for getting the salon look from the comfort of your own bedroom…

1. Buy some falsies.

Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 20.23.35

Sick of forever smudging your nails or having to sit there unable to move for 3 hours to make sure they are really properly dry? This one is for you.

There are so many ready painted stick on nails you can get these days – just pop into Boots or Primark – or if you want to get a bit more creative, buy a big pack of plain ones and paint them yourself.

You can buy them in the shape you want and then cut or file them down to size. I use a nail art stand from Amazon and once I’ve got the nails to the right shape and size, paint them and let them dry before sticking them on. Voila, no smudging!

2. Gel polish

Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 20.15.57Want to keep your natural nails? No problem! This one is a bit more of an investment but worth it in the long run. You can get a full starter kit from Mylee for under £60 which includes the lamp, plus 4 gel polishes, gel polish remover and a top and base coat. Or if you want to be a bit more economical there are lamps on amazon for under £30.

Gel’s are great for avoiding the smudge problem but also will last up to 4 weeks if you take care of them properly.


3. Fun top coats

Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 20.16.16Want something a bit more out there than a plain colour but not the most creative? Never fear, the fun top coat is here! Using a fun top coat is an easy way to add more to your manicure. Use on all your nails or just one as an accent.

My personal favourites are the funfetti (No. 920 – pictured) and stars in your eyes (No. 477) from candy coat. To get the best out of these products I would recommend using a little paint brush to position the bigger pieces and spread them out to get your desired affect.

4. Glitter

Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 20.15.30Accent nails are another easy way to spice up your manicure. You can go simple and just do one whole glitter nail, or you can go all out and have all your nails glittery. I almost always end up adding some glitter to my nails, these are one of my favourite sets I have done. By doing a glitter ombre it means it isn’t too much for every day but it still has a good amount of sparkle!

To do an ombre you can either use a sponge or a specific paintbrush. There are loads of YouTube tutorials on this.

5. Go dotty

Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 19.48.27

Nail art can be quite daunting so start simple and add some dots for a cute look. You can get a set of dotting tools from Amazon for under £2. As you get braver you can experiment with different dot sizes, overlapping them, using multiple colours. The possibilities are endless, and so easy to do!

Lacking inspiration? Instagram is my go to. There are loads of nail accounts which you can look to for new ideas and patterns.


6. Cuticle oil and moisturiser

Want to get that post salon shine and glow? Pick up some cuticle oil and use post manicure or just on natural nails to keep your skin looking fresh. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturise – you don’t want to spend all that time making your nails look good to have dry hands!

Let me know if you try any of these!

I post all my nail pics over on instagram, find them here: @lottiedoesnails


20 resolutions for 2020

2019 flew past in a whirlwind. It was a great year, so going into 2020 I want to keep the good times going! To set me on the right path here are my 20 resolutions and goals for 2020.

  1. Cook more meals from scratch and cut down on buying pre-made food (ready meals especially!)
  2. Be more consistent with exercise – I always make the excuse that I am too busy but I enjoy exercising and should make the time for it.
  3. Finish a book at least every 2 months (this is maybe a bit optimistic considering I read a total of 3 books in 2019…)
  5. Cut down meat consumption
  6. Create more sustainable shopping habits – like buying second hand where possible
  7. Get back into swimming
  8. Go on holiday somewhere hot for a week of proper relaxation (and book reading…)
  9. Blog more consistently – rather than 3 times in one month then not at all for 6 months
  10. Don’t drink to excess! I don’t drink often but when I do I have a tendency to not know my limits…no hangovers here please.
  11. Get a good grade in the last module of my Marketing course
  12. Be kinder to people, let the annoyance go
  13. Be more focused
  14. Do a yoga practice once a fortnight
  15. Keep all my plants alive (so far so good – touch wood)
  16. Make healthier food choices when eating out
  17. Get my hair done more than once – especially now I have highlights!
  18. Talk about things that bother me instead of internalising them or playing them down.
  19. Go to bed earlier
  20. Stick to at least 10 of these 20 goals and resolutions… Got to be realistic!

Have you made your New Years’ resolutions yet?


20 Resolutions for 2020: An update

At the start of 2020 I very optimistically set myself 20 New Years resolutions, and as we enter the final month of this unprecedented year I thought what better time to look back and see if I actually achieved any!

What I read in 2020

One of my resolutions for 2020 was to read more, I set myself a goal of 10 books over the year and I have succeeded! So here is a round up of everything I read.

Christmas party outfit ideas

With so many parties at this time of year it can be hard to think of outfits for all of them and hardest of all is the work Christmas do. Can’t wear the same thing as last year because even though it’s likely no-one else will remember, you will and you’ll be on edge until someone points it out. Don’t want to break the bank, and need to chose something that you can wear again and again. Sound familiar? Never fear – I have trawled the internet to bring you 7 Christmas party outfits ideas for daytime and evening (and when I say the internet, yes I do mean ASOS…)

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 21.44.53
The statement blazer (£39.99)

All black everything + statement sparkly blazer = outfit winner.

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle this time of year? If you’re not so keen on the walking disco ball vibe this is perfect for you.

Stradivarius blazer

The sequin mini (£20)Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 21.48.07

It’s a classic party look, the sparkly mini dress.

Dress down with tights and a black top underneath, or glam it up with heels. What’s not to love?

Missguided mini dress

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 22.11.13
The boujee blouse (£32)

Easy but stylish, paired with black jeans or leather trousers and heels the perfect party outfit.

The colour of this one isn’t too festive so you could definitely rewear this throughout the year.

ASOS Blouse


The sparkly midi (£28)Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 22.00.35

Not keen on potentially flashing someone when you walk up the stairs? Midi dresses are the way to go.

This ASOS dress has a gorgeous open back and being copper sequins rather than silver, this is a little more subtle while still giving off a party vibe.

ASOS Sequin midi dress

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 21.50.15The festive sequin top (£20.50)

Another classic, the sequin top. Black jeans, boots and you’re done.

If you feel like being a bit bolder, there is a silver version of this top too.

ASOS Green sequin cami

The embellished skirt (£8)Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 21.53.55

Another one you could dress up for an evening event or down for a daytime do.

Tights and a more casual top with black heeled boots still brings some party for a daytime look, or with a strappy top and heels for evening.

ASOS Wrap skirt

The statement shoe (£40)Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 21.58.16

Subtle and easy to rewear throughout the festive season without feeling like you’re wearing the same outfit over and over.

They don’t have to be sparkly silver boots, you could go for a bright red or a bright green.

ASOS Boots


What are your go to party outfits? While writing this I realised I have a tendency to go for all black everything…

10 Secret Santa ideas for under £10

It’s that time again, Secret Santa. Pulling out a name in the hopes it’s not one of the colleagues/classmates you know hardly anything about and to top it off a budget of under £10 which makes it hard to get anything actually worth having. If you’re stumped for ideas why not try one of these:


Waitrose Shortbread selection – £10


Coconut Lane card holder – £8 (get 20% off Coconut Lane using code LOTTIES20 and this ends up being £6.40)


Coconut Lane lip balm – £6 (£4.80 with discount code LOTTIES20)

Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 23.17.00

Wilko Snowflake hot water bottle – £6


The Body Shop Soothing Almond Milk and Honey Delights Bag – £10


New Look Brussel Sprout stress ball – £4.99


Accessorize Christmas stud earring pack – £7


Accessorize Links Pendant necklace with Swarovski Crystals – £10


Lindt Lindor – £5.00


Ladybirds for Grown-ups – £7.99 – £5.99

Who else is doing Secret Santa?